A real time strategy game similar to Cavedog's Total Annihilation.

This game is a medieval-style game that has four distinctly different kingdoms. Each kingdom has a different set of units and powers, all of which follow a theme. Unlike in Total Annihilation, there is only one resource in this game: mana. This eliminates a lot of the difficulty in balance between two separate resources while commanding units into battle.

The four nations are:

  • Aramon -- a nation, based on the magic of Earth, which works strongly with high technology of the medieval era, including cannons and muskets.
  • Veruna -- a seagoing nation, and the only one with a significant naval fleet. This nation's magic is based on Water.
  • Taros -- a nation of nightmarish undead creatures and mages. This is the only one of the four nations to put a significant number of mages on the battlefield. Based on the elemental magic of Fire.
  • Zhon -- a nation of wild beasts and few structures. This military never gets tied down to one location since it uses few structures for building its military. Like the Air, it is always on the move.