Sorry, I don’t work here: A common response I’m forced to give the droves of idiots that insist upon asking me technical questions while I’m trying to finish some work in my school’s computer lab.

I think this is a common problem for many people that know anything about computers. It seems that almost every time I am feverishly trying to finish a report or paper that is due within hours someone will interrupt me. “Yeah, I’m having problems using * insert Microsoft program here * can you help me?” Their idiocy forces me to give reply with a death stare and a curt, “Sorry, I don’t work here perhaps a lab consultant can help them.”

Why do these people ask me to help them? I don’t feel as though I look like a computer nerd. Hell, I’m not even in a major related to computers. But yet I receive these questions on a regular basis. It makes me think that perhaps nerds do emit a pheromone that others can detect as suggested by Lisa Simpson.