On my last visit to Centrelink, the Australian social security government agency, I couldn't help but notice the modern, colour-coordinated fitout of the office. After looking at the inhabitants of such an institution (yes, I am referring to the clientele) and comparing them to the staff and their work environment standards, I began to wonder what level of equality the Australian government wished to stop at in regards to their plans of actually assisting their clients off social security payments and into the workforce.

While overseeing the interviews taking place with the Newstart Allowance recipients and the accompanying abusive conjecture, I picked up various payment brochures to have a browse through while waiting to submit my fortnightly form at the Forms Lodgement desk.

The government supposedly has an "action plan" to eventually eliminate social security and promote a higher rate of employment in the community.

Now I'm no economics expert, but when I see a single mother with a couple of children eligible to receive a payment much lower than the standard cost of living, with a father that has disappeared into the unknown and therefore does not pay any child support - I begin to wonder where this family, and many others in similar situations will find their way out of such a financial and social dilemma.

Perhaps a review of how the social security system is structured is long overdue.