The fact that it is holy to die in Varanasi prompts a lot of old people to go and settle in Varanasi. As you walk along the roads of Varanasi, it is a common sight to come across a dead body being carried in a rickshaw or an autorickshaw. Touching or seeing a dead body is considered inauspicious in Brahmin culture. You are required to have a head bath if you do come across one. When I was in Varanasi, I was intrigued and asked one of the Brahmin friends who accompanied us (he lived there), what they do about the inauspiciousness. He said, you see so many corpses that it is just not possible to go have head bath everytime. Rather he said something interesting - each time you see a corpse - utter the words "Ram Nam Satya Hai .. Satya Bolo Satya Hai" .. translation "The Word of Lord Rama is the truth and it is the only truth". This is supposed to purify your body/soul. After hearing this, I started noticing around that a lot of people do this.

All this aside, Varanasi is famous for its kachoris and mishti dahi (sweetened yogurt).