EMD's GP35 model diesel locomotive was introduced in 1963 as a replacement for the EMD GP30. Featuring the same engine with the same power output as the earlier model, the 16-cylinder 567 engine at 2500hp, the GP35 differed mainly in having cleaner, simpler lines. It lacked the distinctive raised 'hump' over the cab and the cab end of the long hood and dynamic brake blister, and for the first time, the cab roof was formed of flat angles (a flat cab roof, and two flat angled sides) rather than being smoothly rounded as on previous models. Until the advent of the wide-nose 'comfort cab'/'safety cab' in the 1990s, the design of the GP35 was the model of every EMD hood unit produced after that date.

Today, 30 years later, many GP35s are still running for shortlines and regional railroads.