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I'm still alive. Really. I'm just publishing elsewhere and being distracted. As soon as I think of something to node, I will. In honor of the E2 Quest: Writeup Redemption, I've redone my X Japan node and made it pretty.

Sitting down to analyze certain Manics songs (Revol, The Love of Richard Nixon, Intravenous Agnostic) has convinced me that Nicky and Richey never write about anything but each other.

If Kaori Yuki wrote in English, she would be considered the modern day Shakespeare.

Vertigo is a fabulous word, mainly because it sounds like something secret agents do in tight black clothing when it's really just a term for feeling drunk when you aren't. Too bad it keeps me from going to work. Or not so bad, depending on how you look at it.

As e2's resident X Japan fanatic, I have taken it as my personal responsibility to node everything and everyone related to X Japan. Completed: X Japan (supplemental), Yoshiki, hide, Dahlia, Vanishing Vision, Forever Love, Art of Life, Blue Blood, Jealousy, Eternal Melody.

The poetic potential of Los Angeles is sickeningly intense. Sometimes I go driving just for the sake of immersing myself. I look around and I see a million words and a million stories and a million emotions.

I've started drinking coffee.
I don't even like the way it tastes, but it sure is great literary material.

GOOD WORDS: nothing, vicious, chicken, wench, writhe, spleen, asunder, waif, chafe, grace, pulp, vertigo, egregious.

So read my nodes or I will writhe on my spleen and chafe its grace until nothing is left but a vicious pulpy chicken who is worse than a wench and uses waifs to tear asunder her egregious vertigo!

I am Holly. I have a story.