A set of classical albums by Yoshiki, the second of which was just released in March 2005 after his taking almost a decade between projects (X Japan broke up in 1997). The albums contain symphonic versions of Yoshiki's many compositions, from X Japan rock songs to original piano concertos. More of an absolutist than a perfectionist, he is nevertheless a very talented composer who has a knack for melding the popular and classical music worlds into pieces that fans of both can enjoy.

The results are part film score, part Tchaikovsky, and part Gilbert and Sullivan. Eternal Melody I, released when Yoshiki was only twenty-seven, features the London Philharmonic Orchestra with George Martin conducting, as well as Yoshiki's ubiquitous piano. Eternal Melody II features the Tokyo Philharmonic, the vocals of Daughter from Violet UK, and a harpsichord in addition to the piano.

Both are gorgeous.

Eternal Melody (1993)

Disc One
1. Overture
2. Vanishing Love
3. Amethyst
4. Kurenai
5. Endless Rain
6. Unfinished

Disc Two
1. Say Anything
2. Silent Jealousy
3. A Piano String in Es Dur
4. Week End
5. Rose of Pain
6. Tears

FUN FACT: Although Yoshiki wrote the music for Amethyst in 1992, it didn't have lyrics until ten years later. The lyricized version appears on Eternal Melody II.

Eternal Melody II (2005)

Disc One
1. Unnamed Song
2. Seize the light
3. Without you
4. Longing
5. I'll be your love
6. Kimi Dake Dakara
7. Red Christmas
8. Imawo Dakishimete
9. Forever Love

Disc Two
1. Anniversary, Piano Concerto in C minor

FUN FACT: There are eleven blank hidden tracks at the end of the first disc, followed by a vocal version of Amethyst. The blank tracks are called Destiny, Alive, Heaven, Love, Innocence, Always, Destroy, Aftermath, Hell, Life, and Infinite (a reference to the spoken word bit in X Japan's DAHLIA). Together with Amethyst the titles spell 'DAHLIA' twice.

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