UnitedLinux (http://www.unitedlinux.com) is a company owned by Caldera, SuSE, Conectiva and TechLinux which targets to produce a Linux Distribution for the enterprise market.

UnitedLinux aims to be a fully compliant LSB distribution, and has received support from several hardware (IHV) and software (ISV) producers, which see it as a good way to reduce the number of distributions they have to certify for. Also, LiN18ux and GB18030 compliance is announced.

Must of the development will be done in SuSE's labs, in germany.
There are no plans for a desktop version of UnitedLinux.
General avaliability is planned for Quater 4/2002, with support for 11 languages.

UnitedLinux software will be avaliable, for free (GPL), only in source format. UnitedLinux branded binaries will have restricted distribution, and would not be avaliable for download.

On July 8, 2002, it was announced that UnitedLinux will support the new/upcoming Itanium II processor.