Omertà, La loi du silence

A three-part epic tv series by Québéc creator Luc Dionne, revolving around the local italian mafia in the streets of Montréal, first shown to Québécois the year following the 1995 referendum, and then some years later in France.

The show was hugely popular and one of the strongest series ever shown on Radio-Canada. The first season of 11 episodes entitled simply Omertà, La loi du silence (the law of silence) was quickly followed by an Omertà II, also called, it seems, La loi du silence which ran 14 episodes. Two years later in 1999, came the final act of the trilogy with Omertà, le dernier des hommes d'honneur ('The single last'* of the honorable men), this time in 13 episodes.


Michel Côté, Claude Blanchard, Luc Picard, Sophie Lorain, Michel Dumont, Brigitte Paquette, Claude Michaud, Deano Clavet, John Dunn-Hill, Sylvie Legault, David Lahaye, Marc Messier, Claude Michaud, Ron Lea, Manuel Tadros, Romano Orzari, Geneviève Rochette, Tony Calabretta, Tony Conte, Tony De Santis, Claudia Ferri.

* The Single Last (le dernier): If the title were simply 'The last of the honorable men', it could mean a group of several people or just one person, which would not reflect the precise french meaning of 'le dernier des' (one person, the last of -->bigger group), so my translation is 'The single last'. (could also be 'The last one of the honorable men', but that sounds even worse.