Also the number by which commuters (at least in Washington state) can call the state police and report folk who are abusing the HOV lanes.

I do this a lot, because these people bug the living hell out of me, blissfully abusing a system that only works if it is adhered to. If you can't stand traffic, then find somebody else to ride in your Explorer, you pathetic dork.

The problem with the 764-HERO line is that it has about 10 menu options and places to leave information, which is problematic when you are not in the HOV lane, trying to rat on some brainless clod. You options are to 1. Ride their ass in the HOV lane, (which sort of gives away the fact that you are ratting on them), or 2. desperately attempt to get info from them from another lane, as they zip merrily by.

Anyway, I hope they all burn in hell.