Probably the stupidest thing I have ever heard of in my entire life. I have said this many times; this time I am dead serious. I find it completely unimaginable that the sound of someone else going to the bathroom is so much different that the sound of yourself going to the bathroom that they or you or whoever should need to flush a toilet to cover up the sound.

If you cannot bear the sound of yourself or others doing their business, I suggest you bring headphones, bring ear plugs or refrain from using public restrooms all together lest your frail mental state collapses entirely leaving you a drooling vegetable; a pale visage of your former self.

I find it difficult if not impossible to believe that at one time or another in my life I have been frowned upon for taking a shit, in the shit pot, in the room designated for such aforementioned shit associated activities and not hammering the toilet lever repeatedly so that no one would have to listen to that damn shitting guy.

Fucking shitters.
Off to burn in hell with the whole lot of 'em I say…

Grow up.