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"If we don't stand for something, we'll fall for anything" - the back of an Adelaide bus ticket
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Never Eat a Taco Bigger than your Own Head

Places you can find me: http//,

Currently working on: John Howard (an actual "unbiased" account not a why we hate him account), Carlo Goldoni, The Humanities, Emilia Romagna- see my scratchpad, any feedback is (as always) much appreciated.

Notes to self: Must move away from recent WU obsessions (Greek mythology and feminist theory). ________________________________________________________________________________

Why you don't mess with me before my morning Coffee

I used to have a minor caffeine addiction. As a result of politics, conferences, being a uni student and then fulltime work, I developed a major caffeine addiction. As a result of giving up my smoking addiction, I turned that major caffeine addiction into a dangerous one. (I also developed a chocolate addiction). Do not be the next victim. Before 10am (Sydney time) I may be volatile. You've been warned.