Sitting Bull is also a brand of caffeinated soft drink available in Lidl (cheap European supermarket). It tastes a lot like Red Bull, but with Sitting Bull you can enjoy a whopping 545 kilo-joules of energy and 33% of your RDA of five vitamins and minerals, not to mention some serious caffeiney goodness for just 29p! Other ingredients include a dollop of taurine, 2 e-numbers and, bizarrely, folic acid.

The cans are decorated with a wonderfully simplistic image of a primary blue faced Indian with matching feather head-dress and fire engine red hair. At first glance the idea of “Sitting Bull” as a moniker for an energy drink seems ridiculous, however, a little research (thank you e2) reveals that perhaps the cheap supermarket people are cleverer than we give them credit for. The idea of Sitting Bull as an inspirational leader of his people, galvanising them into action against the settlers? On the one hand it’s a shame that he is remembered and used to sell a soft drink, on the other it’s a mark of respect few people will recognise. If it was intentional, and it is by no means certain, then well done to the Lidl worker who made it up.