There is a difference between skepticism and cynicism. Skepticism requires more thought and, more, it requires a willingness to admit that you were wrong. Cynics are a dime a dozen because cynicism is a fashion that we pass through every so often. It requires no more thought than any other pose.

It is laudable to remain openminded and willing to admit a mistake. If you aren't, you are a dogmatist even if you won't dare admit it. But being willing to look at evidence means being willing (and able) to sift through the bullshit. Reflexively nodding your head takes no more thought than reflexively shaking it.

There is a difference between honest skepticism, reflexive contrariness, and wide-eyed credulity. The second is the domain of the uncomfortable adolescent and the third is the mark of the religious fanatic. Only the first requires actual thought and thus is the mark of the truly mature mind.