Acutally, it is one of the least used features of all versions of windows that have it available. 90% of the time it is active, but unused. On all computers I find running active desktop, I usually disable it because it's use is, truthfully, limited.

But, I have found one of those limited purposes.

I have a Japanese-word-a-day calendar. It's one of those desktop ones with 365 pages, and is pretty useful. Only problem is that it's not where I can look at it easily (you think there's space on my desk?), nor does it have the kanji (all romaji).

So using JWPce, each day I type the calendar entry into a text document encoded in EUC, this way I get the Kanji, Hiragana pronunciation, and the english definition. No romaji. I just right click, hit reload, and my desktop is updated. At last, a useful feature. Maybe next year I'll make a CGI for it, put a webserver on localhost, and serve it up to my desktop...