Singer/songwriter Willie Nelson is known as a political man. Most famous for founding the long running Farm Aid in 1985 and recently appeared in advertisements for the campaign of Dennis Kucinich to gain the Democratic nomination in 2004.

Willie may have made his most political statement on September 13th, 1978 though. Only days after being released from jail in the Bahamas on the possession of marijuana, Jimmy Carter and the First Family had booked Willie to play a brief performance on the South Lawn of the White House for a dinner that was being put on by none other than the National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing, commonly known as NASCAR. He was then invited by the Carters to stay the night at the White House.

In the middle of the night, Willie went out on a terrace, pulled out a joint, and smoked it as he gazed across Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C.

The only time Willie has ever spoken of this much famed incident was in his 1988 autobiography Willie. In which he rationalized the incident stating "Marijuana is like sex. If I don't do it every day, I get a headache."

How rock & roll is that?