leaving to move on, tugging myself loose
from all that i had known,
in springtime, season of new beginnings
restlessly i spring-cleaned my heart -
some things i kept, and some
i threw away.

far from those i love, in a strange place
the restless searching slowed,
in summer, season of joy and sunshine
happily i played in the sun -
all things were new. and then
somehow it changed,

and everywhere began to seem like the same place
but never quite like home.
the fall came, season of mists and memory
kicking up leaves i thought of you -
i said goodbye, i know.
but do i mean it now?

now here i am, returned, home for christmas
and here you are with me.
in winter, season of cold hands and warm hearts
quietly we dream by the fire -
oh how i wish that we
could dream alike.