Either the entire series of books written by Tim LeHaye and Jeremy B. Jenkins, or the first book in that series. The "Left Behind" series begins where the Rapture prophesied in the Biblical book of Revelation takes place, and only non-Christians are left behind to live through the rest of the prophesies. Certain main characters become Christians before long, others do not, and one of them might possibly be the Antichrist.

This series is extremely popular among Christians, although some reject it because it assumes a literal interpretation of Revelation's prophesies which disagrees with their own.

Twelve books comprise the series. They are:

  1. Left Behind
  2. Tribulation Force
  3. Nicolae
  4. Soul Harvest
  5. Apollyon
  6. Assassins
  7. The Indwelling
  8. The Mark
  9. Desecration
  10. The Remnant
  11. Armageddon
  12. Glorious Appearing