Transforms from crane to robot and back!


"Strive for perfection even if others must suffer."

With the precision of a fine jeweler, performs his job with skill unequalled among The Transformers, whether reconnecting a damaged microchip or setting a two ton girder into place. Snobbish, supercilious, unpopular perfectionist. Lifts 20 tons. As shoulders and head module, combines with fellow Constructicons to form "Devastator".

  • Strength: 8
  • Intelligence: 9
  • Speed: 3
  • Endurance: 6
  • Rank: 4
  • Courage: 6
  • Firepower: 5
  • Skill: 10
Transformers Tech Specs

If Scrapper wasn't the leader of the Constructicons, then that job must fall to Hook, who formed the head of Devastator. He had almost as many speaking parts in the show, or so it seemed after the movie. If only he wasn't so ugly: he looked like a real construction crane in vehicle mode, but in robot mode resembled a box with separations where his legs needed to be.