= Moms Offering Moms Support

From Crestline Courier-News, 2-22-01
The MOMS Club, with over 1100 chapters
nationwide, is a non-profit organization
designed to provide stay-at-home and
part-time working moms with a social
network for support and friendship.

Refreshingly non-geek, to say the least.
The above recursive acronym is sort of an accidental version of Douglas Hofstadter's "recursive variable" tato, which stands for "tato (and tato only)", and thus can be considered a recursive acronym as well.

Hofstadter uses tato as a tool for explaining the recursive powers of Lisp, and recursion and list expansion in general, in a couple of articles from his collection Metamagical Themas.

The idea is to substitute the phrase tato (and tato only) for every occurrence of tato thus:

n=0: tato
n=1: tato (and tato only)
n=2: tato (and tato only) (and tato (and tato only) only) 
n=3: tato (and tato only) (and tato (and tato only) only) (and
        tato (and tato only) (and tato (and tato only) only) only) 
and so on.