I recently bought a CD, Hallucinations, by David Usher, a minor Canadian star receiving heavy promotion from his label, EMI/Capitol Records. It comes with a label that states:

Copy Controlled - Playback problems may be encountered on some equipment

It has become normal for me to rip a new cd and play it on my iPod or my mp3 player, never listening to the CD. I tried putting the CD in my Win2k computer at work; the program tried to install some random software of unknown stability that would create deliberate restrictions on what I can do with my computer. No thanks.

I had also heard about this marker trick; it's a bit too permanent for my tastes. I slipped the noncompliant CD into the DVD drive on my Linux computer and typed the following command:

cdparanoia -vB

Now I had a complete set of perfect wav files; I burned these to a blank CD and put that CD in my Macintosh PowerBook and ripped that CD to my hard drive. Now I can play this album on my iPod. No marker necessary.