Not everyone loves Marineland. Marineland is located in the cultural black hole of Niagara Falls, Ontario. These guys captured beluga whales and then killed one. They knew the risks at the outset; this was acceptable losses. They also keep massive orcas in tiny little tanks. Zoos in general aren't really nice for animals, but Marineland rates near bottom on North American zoo ratings, because there are no regulations in Ontario.

Said Rob Laidlaw, in an interview on

(problems) include, but are not limited to, grossly undersized enclosures, including the tanks with the orcas (They're extremely small); overcrowding of the exhibits (the orcas, deer, and bears); behaviourally impoverished exhibits. You'll never see (in a good facility) animals kept on relatively featureless exhibits, like a football field full of dirt for 500 deer.

Also, the TV commercial (Everyone Loves Marineland) is excruciatingly bad.