Being a true Seventh-Day Adventist is not about getting out of work, for most anyhow. It is about the belief that the seventh day of the week (Saturday) was set forth by God at the end of the creation week (literally seven days, not weeks or years) on which all man kind is to rest and commune (spend time together) with God. SDA's believe that God loves all of those "created in (His)* image"(Genesis) unconditionally and accepts all sinners (all people) exactly as they are.

SDA's believe that all people are born inherently sinful as we are the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve, the first sinners on Earth. Because of this God has made a provision for our sinfulness with the Gift of His Son(Jesus) and his death to pay for all sin on Earth ever committed. No one is excluded. Just accept and believe.

Saturday is the day they have to worship the Creator of all things, thank Him for His mercy and love, and come into a better understanding of Him. How else are relationships built except through spending time together? Many hold different ideas of the difference between what is worshiping God and what is daily routine but all true SDA's hold to the idea that definite work such as paying bills, doing homework, painting the house, etc. are not forms of worship and do refrain from those tasks on the Sabbath. Most common 'Sabbath' activities include: church, rest, studying The Holy Bible, enjoying nature, and friend and family interaction.

*text quoted reads "Our", referring to the Godly Triune or Trinity consisting of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.