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I'm Martin. Some people call me Mart, either because they are lazy or because they know me on IRC where I use that as my nickname.

I do programming. I'm not the best programmer in existence, but I can solve most problems in a reasonably clean way. My language of choice is perl, but I've also been known to use Java or C, and for playing around I've been known to mess with Visual Basic. My programming heritage started with Microsoft BASIC on a Commodore VIC-20, making an interesting stop off at Amiga E on the Commodore Amiga en route to Microsoft QuickBASIC then perl. Other languages interested me temporarily on this route, but I've never done anything particularly pointful with them.

I also make up words using suffixes and prefixes which aren't correct but seem to make sense to me. One example is pointful, which is the opposite of pointless.

Most of the stuff I've written was only for my personal interest and only the most recent stuff actually still exists. However, I did release my server-side HTML templating system MML to the world and got it a pitiful userbase of two known users excluding myself.

More usefully, I contribute to the LiveJournal Open-source Project, which develops the software used on This has made me just a little bit famous among a small circle, but mostly I'm overshadowed by a certain other Martin Atkins who makes music. People occasionally email me and ask if I'm the Martin Atkins from Pigface, but I always have to disappoint them.