The first four minutes (or so) of the song is the fun, dark, little song about the plight of the carrots. After this ends, there are about eight minutes of crickets singing in the background. Finally, faintly, and about twelve minutes into the track, against the backdrop of the crickets, you can hear the story about the psycho with the knife.

The Tool FAQ and Undertow's liner notes indicate that the story was actually a message left on Maynard James Keenan's answering machine by someone called bill the landlord. Tool has a habit of including answering machine messages on their albums; see also Message to Harry Manback, Message to Harry Manback II, and

On a more personal note, disgustipated is not a good track to have playing on repeat while you sleep. For me, dreams come from it which defy any attempt at explanation. The cricket song is just close enough to white noise that the rest of the track really messes with me while I sleep.