The Apple Chill is a street festival that takes place every April in Chapel Hill, NC on Franklin St. The main length of the street is barracaded off and stalls/carts and stages are set up along that area. There is also a rock climbing wall. It is a rather large event and a few thousand turn out to it every year.

To set up a stall or cart you must first apply to a committee and get a permit. Then you are assigned a certain lot where you can set up your goods. The lots are marked out ahead of time and printed out on a map that is available for those who come to the Apple Chill.

For those who love arts, crafts, and a variety of street fair or "exotic" foods (such as alligator) this is the place for you. There is live music for free and you can relax in the shade of the large oak trees on the university campus if the sun gets too hot for you to bear.

The origin of the name "Apple Chill" is confusing to many and often has to be explained. When the festival was first being planned the founders were stumped on finding a name so they took "Chapel Hill" and switched the C of "Chapel" over to "Hill," coming up with: "Apel Chill." After that they simply changed the spelling to "Apple" and then they had their name.

All in all the festival is a great place to hear live music, see performances, look at local artwork, and spend all of your hard-earned cash on something you love but will never end up using for the next ten years.