Ignoring the fact that I slept during the day and am awake at night. My dreams were on the sixth and so they get logged in as the sixth.


Arousal, dreaming of something I don't even know.
Contentment of being held in non-existant arms.
Confusion of secrets brought into the open.
Ripped away from love.
Fear of being accused.
Shame and self-loathing because of what others see even though I see beauty.
Rain in the sun.
Waking up crying.


Cheese pizza, melting so the cheese slides everywhere.
Gooey, oozing, nearly to my mouth.
I can smell it and it's so close I can nearly taste it, but I never do.
It stays there, in front of me; but out of reach.
Friends talk and laugh with each other around me and I'm frozen.
Wake up confused.

I should learn not to sleep during the day, my dreams are always odder when the sun is shining.