I woke up at 11:45AM and thought it was only 9:45AM until I saw the clock. Then I kicked myself for having a bad sense of time, yet again, thanks to Daylight Savings Time.

Breakfast consists of uncooked ramen and a small can of peaches whilst I check my e-mail and chat to the couple people who are online this time of day. Listen to Radio AOL because my WinAmp Playlist has gotten old and all my download programs are messed up. Get pissed off at Radio AOL but keep listening for the sake of the music.

Go to LiveJournal Support and see that everything is being covered by somebody else. SmileLoki is away online so I know it's not her, but that's ok. There are probably a few thousand support volunteers and only a couple requests are being posted every half an hour or so so I came here to write.

Get more pissed off at Radio AOL. Still don't turn it off. The music is needed. Avoid the knowledge of a counselor appointment I have in three hours. Nothing ever gets accomplished anyway. I'd ask what the point of the visits are, but I know that it's to keep me out of the hospital, so I bear with them.

I'm feeling angsty. Typical teenager feelings I suppose. But I'm far from typical. Perhaps I'll let myself be normal for a little while. Wander off into the 'net for cheap entertainment.

Time passes, as it always does. My node "The many, unmentioned, side-effects of Zoloft." was Cooled! by wonko. That was totally unexpected, but pleasing at the same time. I feel very strongly about how medicines are presented to people and believe that the truth about them should be told out front.

Feeling sick and thinking about anarchy. I love the idea, but given human nature it's impossible. I wish it were, though. It's sad that so many people have what anarchy is supposed to be confused in their heads. Especially the ones who go to protests. Anarchy isn't about violence and I don't know where they got that idea from. People are dissapointing.