The muses were the sources of creativity in ancient Greece - beautiful women in flowing robes who captured and inspired hearts, minds and souls to the greatest of artistic endeavors of all time. Epic Poetry, History, Lyrics, Music, Tragedy, Hymns, Dance, Comedy, Astronomy. Of these, only Melpomene - the muse of Tragedy - touched upon the darker side of inspiration.

One has to wonder if the muses had evil twins who inspired the words that hurt to write and read. Our view of the muses is that of living along with the gods on Mount Olympus or Helicon (along with Apollo - the god of music). A happy world free of trouble drinking ambrosia.

Those evil muses - demons - sitting in the back of the mind, waiting for some thought to cross. Pouncing upon it - it sits there and festers. A dark part of the mind that we loath to see or express. But, it is there nonetheless and demands expression just as much as an other inspiration.

By writing, it is these demons that we excise. Clearing our mind for a bit until inspiration strikes again - be it the demon or the muse.

Or maybe, the muses just have their off days.