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Things that have never been said in the entire history of man
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The causes of the world problems is due to the human ignorance of joining the new cultural in the world.when human being believe the cultural of the world is fixed, they always cause a lot of the problemsin in the world, those believe the cultural of the world is variable always flexible, and they know how to handle the world problems. My observation arround the world,[ i realised those are cultural flexible are living good more than the fixed cultural people.

Africa as my continete i can realised the poverty is non stop due to our nature of fixed cultural, our imagination is retarded, we can't imagine beyond what we have been thought, upon all professors we have been produced, we are still unable to manage for our own affairs, because our professors with the fixed cultural thinking they are unable to transformed what they have been thought to improve our own cultural. And as we can't transform our own cultural we have been forced to coping direct from the others, in which we have to pay for every copy we have made, our economy is colapsing, the world need a different direction to teach Africans how they can transform their own cultural for their own good, but our current lessons receive from the world has closed our knowledge from high imagination, and we are unable to do things for ourselves.
As comparing to europe and other developed countries, you will realise they have developed their cultural to thier own human resources, their imagination is higher as compare to less developing countries, they believe in their own creation whiles the less developing countries rejecting their own creation, and it goes like this whosever lost confident of himself can't manage for his own affair.