A character from Charles M. Schulz all time classic Peanuts comic strip

Woodstock is a small yellow bird of unknown gender or species.

Though Woodstock is feathery, he or she is decidedly not featherbrained, oftentimes displaying uncommon common sense and wisdom above and beyond that of your average bird. (Although, Woodstock has been known for his or her clumsiness and physical 'sight gag'-style comedic gaffes.) Charles M. Schulz uses Woodstock as Snoopy's main non-human friend, and as Snoopy's sounding board.

Woodstock does not 'speak' in identifiable language, speaking an obscure dialect of some sort of 'bird-ese', represented in the illustrated comic strips by groupings of vertical hatchmarks of varying amounts, depending on the complexity of the dialog. Woodstock also has a gaggle of compatriots that tag along for sports, games, hiking trips, and other group activities.

Woodstock frequently suffers from 'beak-bleeds' at high altitudes, and therefore prefers walking to flying. (Historical data suggests that Woodstock does not fly at all, or only has very limited flight.)

Woodstock lives in a nest in a tree near Snoopy's dog house, or when suffering from frequent beak-bleeds, in Snoopy's red food and water dish. (Much to Snoopy's consternation.)

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