"O Clone" is an excellent Brazilian telenovela that deals with the constroversial issues of human cloning, the modernization and Westernization of Islamic nations, and the relationship between Christians and Muslims in both the West and the East. It is available in the United States as "El Clon" beginning January 14, 2002 on Telemundo and airing Monday through Friday at 10PM EST. The final episode aired on December 6 of the same year.

Memorable lines include (translated):

  • "(with cloning) we could have eleven Pelés! We'd be invincible!"

    The following is a plot synopsis adapted slightly from the official Telemundo version.

    The story begins when Jade, a young Muslim girl born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, finds herself obligated to move to Morocco. Once installed in this new country, she begins to experience the difficulty of adapting herself to a culture very different from the one she is used to. In this distant land she meets Lucas, a young Brazilian who encounters her while travelling together with his twin brother, Diogo, his father and his father's girlfriend, and the scientist Albieri. Jade and Lucas fall in love at first sight, giving rise to a love that will know no boundaries and for which they will defy an entire culture and tradition in order to be able to love freely.

    Elsewhere, when Diogo, the twin brother of Lucas, decides to return to Brazil owing to a disagreement with his father, a terrible tragedy ends his love. As a result, the scientist Albieri decides to carry out one of his great dreams: The creation of the first human clone. Using the cells of Lucas, Albieri gives life to Leandro ("the clone"). But what will be the consequences of this preposterous idea?

    The telenovela, written by Gloria Pérez and directed by Jayme Monjardim, the director of the acclaimed "Terra Nostra," presents various interesting themes such as the search for true identity, the cultural duality of the female protagonist (Jade), and the relationship of dependence between the twins that later becomes a battle for the love of Jade.

    The show stars Murilo Benicio as Lucas, Diogo, and Leandro, and Giovanna Antonelli as Jade.