The holyoutlaws (all one word, lower case) are the authors of some prank call mp3s.

Rather than taking the traditional route (write a script or just pretend to be Asian) they fire off recorded movie dialogue at innocent people.

The most popular calls are the Arnold Schwarzenegger series. However for sheer abuse the Joe Pesci ones are inrivalled.

It would appear that these guys are not a couple of teenagers with a cassette player and a speakerphone as they are able to play any of their samples on demand and with crystal clear quality.

Because of this the calls are actually very amusing, and the victims happily chat away unaware they are conversing with the script from Kindergarten Cop.

Here is a list of all the files I have found attributed to the holyoutlaws.

  • Arnie calls Cottons
  • Arnie calls Gator Lodge
  • Arnie calls Hooters
  • Arnie calls Preferred Reality
  • Arnie calls Sunshine
  • Burt Reynolds calls girl
  • Burt Reynolds calls medical waste company
  • Joe Pesci calls various people (raising hell)
  • Norman Bates calls a bar
  • Norman Bates calls mad man
  • Norman Bates calls some guy
  • Norman Bates calls tattoo shop
  • Robert Duval calls nice lady
  • Of equal quality, but not actually attributed to the holyoutlaws are these:

  • Al Pacino calls The Car Dealer
  • Al Pacino calls The Cracker Barrel
  • Al Pacino calls The Cracker Barrel (2)
  • Al Pacino calls The Furniture Guy
  • Al Pacino calls The Stuckey Brothers
  • There are also lots of 'tribute' mp3s flying around the Internet, however they are obviously recorded by amateurs and steal the samples from the holyoutlaws rather than going out and getting their own.