The introverted thinker is 14.

It is 1975. She and her sister get a box of hand me downs from the cousins. One cousin is six years older and the other cousin is actually 5 months younger than the IT, but she is much taller.

There are jeans with flowers. These are on their way out fashion wise. The IT tries them on and they do fit. She sighs. The family doesn't have money, so she will have to wear the flower pants. At least they don't have the hideous vertical stripes like the pair her mother wears. She hates those passionately.

There is a pink dress. The IT has had a pink dress, some nasty polyester fabric. It has an embroidered ribbon at the high waist. It has been getting too small and turning into a mini-dress and the IT has just FINALLY convinced her mother that it is too small, though she can still get in it. She hates the men looking at her legs in it.

A new pink dress. At least it's cotton. Different style. She takes it in the bathroom, with her mother laughing at her modesty. She closes the door. Tries it on. It fits perfectly. Little pink puff sleeves, slightly low cut bodice, fitted waist and the skirt hits just below the knees. She looks very very cute. She takes it off and puts her jeans and t-shirt back on.

She walks back out of the bathroom and hands it to her mother. "I can't wear it." she says.

"Doesn't fit?" says her mother. "That is too bad, you need a new dress for dress up occasions.

The IT doesn't answer, keeps her face down, paws through the pile of clothes. Luckily nothing else is pink.