I am now in a "Soup Group" that meets once a month. We take turns hosting and the hosts make the soup. Except last night it was shepherd's pie. Yum, a lamb one and a vegan one.

I was assigned the salad in the rotation and made yclept's carrot ginger dressing. I picked up my CSA box at about 4. Three bags of greens: lettuces, pea shoots and young rabe, and lots of carrots. Also 6 tulips. Early in the year our box has tulips, which are just a delight! I did not have fresh ginger, but I used all the carrots and used powdered ginger. I used sesame oil, but it didn't taste quite right to me, so I added tahini as well. Yum!

Off to the hosts' house. It has been raining and raining in April, but was clear last night. We ate outside for most of the evening, dessert inside. We had bread and dessert. Every green of my salad was eaten and most of the carrot ginger dressing. Thank you, yclept!

Next time real ginger, I hope.