Someone's got a sick sense of humor, and it isn't me. After a lot of scheduling and rescheduling, my next trial date has been set. We were supposed to go next week, but my codefendant, the accountant, can't do anything before tax day. I sent my attorney a list of the dates I couldn't come - my brother's college graduation in Ohio, my friends' wedding in Dallas. I thought about asking that it not be scheduled over the first Sunday in May, as that's when the Heart of the Beast Theater puts on its May Day celebration in Powderhorn Park, but as my attorney said she was going to try to schedule the retrial for right after tax day, and I didn't think they'd schedule things to start as late as they have, it wouldn't be a problem and I'd just have to get between Long Beach and Yellow Springs quickly. I wish it had been so clean.

My new trial date is May 1, 2002.

About the last place I want to spend the first anniversary of being shot is in Long Beach, particularly in the courts, and although it's better than the jail, it's not a lot better, and some of the ways it's better are pretty pathetic, like regular meals.