I got lured into another debate this morning over a cup of coffee-- Prayer in school.

My thoughts are this-- The Supreme Court has already decided that it shouldn't be done in public schools, and that if it is, it's going against the seperation of church and state-- I completely agree with them. My friend suggested that if it is done by CHOICE, and that if you don't have to participate in it, then that would be okay. I still disagree. If you want to pray in school, either go to a private catholic school, or do it in your head. The next argument my friend presented was that what if people wanted to feel that they had other people that they could relate to religiously that were their own age? Well, join a church youth group. Meet after school with people that share your similar viewpoints. Just don't do it in school.

My AP European History teacher was previously a priest before he became a teacher, and the beliefs he tried to instill on our class were just ludicrous. If we didn't believe what he believed (and in studying European history, you learn A LOT about religion), we were WRONG. Whereas I had great respect for this teacher in the knowledge he maintained and presented (he would be able to tell you every president's great uncle's best friend's name, for instance), I dreaded going to that class because I knew that I was going to disagree with many of the theological ideas that he discussed. For this, I think that I was highly turned off from the idea of religion ever entering the realms of public schools. What does everyone else think?