I am talking to knarph on AIM. He says something to the extent of: "You know, you're not as great as you think you are." To which I respond, "Right, but how did you know I was burning?"

I am sitting on someone's deck, smoking pot. Below me, I see some Fed, and he yells up at me to stop, because smoking pot is illegal. "We'll be watching you from now on!" he threatens. I'm not scared. I know he's just referring to the fact that I want to install Linux on my laptop, and I know that they only want to bust me if I partition my hard drive wrong. I've got it all under control. So I decide that I need to sit in the grass, and play with water colors. It's awfully dark, and I can see someone moving in the bushes. Getting scared, I figure I better run inside as fast as I can, but as I gather up my paint, and start running, another Fed jumps out and handcuffs me. "I told you we were watching you!" he exclaims gleefully, like he's just caught me doing something completely terrible. I'm only worried because I know that I have a quarter sitting in my pocket. This causes me to wake myself up with a beating heart and an intense paranoid fear of cops.