I have these neighbors who don't take very good care of their in-ground pool. Because of the fact that they don't ever take the pool cover off and they let it fill with leaves and bugs, their back yard provides an excellent habitat for frogs.

It's not that I'm against frogs. I like them, generally, unless they're on the dissection table. But lately my capacity for interspecies benevolence has been seriously tested. A huge colony of frogs moved into the unused pool in mid-May, and every night since then, they've been serenading me with a not-so-subtle ostinato of twangs, chirps, clicks, bleats (I never knew that frogs could bleat) and even the occasional "ribbit." It really began to interfere with my regular sleep pattern after a while.

But no longer. The pool has now degenerated into such a deplorable state as to make it the perfect home for waterfowl. Last Thursday, a little brown duck flew in and made a nest. That night, the amphibian chorus was noticeably quieter. By last night, the only sound in the darkness was that of trucks on the highway. Sigh... all is well in suburbia once again.

(Apparently, ducks eat frogs.)