A morning of theology, per my usual Sunday routine, spent at the Mainz Church of Christ here in Germany begins my day. After that my entire congregation went out to eat (there are ony about 15 of us.....so?)

After that, it became a Roberts day.

Allow me to explain. The Roberts are good friends of ours: they attend the same church as us, we've known them for years, my mom grew up with Mr. Roberts, I even dated their daughter for over 7 months. The Roberts, however, possess a strange property: they can extend the time necessary to complete a task far beyond anything reasonable. Take lunch for example. We ate at a fast food joint, and it took 2 hours. Their son, Will, and I made a 6 minute movie with my DV camera and my G4 (fear the DV ability of my G4). That took almost 5 hours! It's unbelievable. They only left the house at 10:00. It's like slow-motion sped up.
That made no sense, but it's as close as I'm gonna get. Now I'm going to bed, it's late in Central Europe.