woke up this morning and I got myself a beer, the future's uncertain and the end is always near.

Just about time to have my daily one smoke. I am eating the bran muffin that I always eat at 10:20, then I go down stairs for a smoke. I have a bag of peanuts to feed the squirrels who hang out down there, and I plan on checking to see if the rats have reopened the tunnels under the tree that I have been studiously collapsing and blocking with stones.

I am a bit sore from my workout yesterday, tho not as sore as I would like to be. The gym was incredibly croweded with new year's resolutioneers. I try to be nice and give them props for coming to the gym, but they forget to wipe down the machines, they hog the equipment and they bump into me all the time.

    This is what I did
  1. Squats 55x10/2 (yep squats are increasing nicely, still having some form problems so I believe I will keep this weight for some time)
  2. Lying leg curls 140x10/2 (had to work in my sets with a new years girl, not so bad but its weird, I just want to do my sets and leave, and its hard to convince them to let me do a drop set.)
  3. Standing Calf stand 225x10/2
  4. Seated Calf raise 135x10/2
  5. Angled leg press 180x10/2
  6. Lunges 45x10/2
  7. Leg Extensions 160x10/2 and single leg (left) 80x2/10 to work on left leg which is showing some asymmetry
  8. 30 minutes of steady state work on the cycle, 137 HR.

I got very light headed after doing my squats and leg curls, I had to rest, and my ears rang. I think its because I have not been managing my blood sugar correctly. I have been avoiding carbohydrates with a high glycemic index because they hinder my fat loss. These types of carbs digest very quickly, and spike insulin, if the body cannot use the glycogen produced by digesting the carbs, they float in the blood stream (because of the insulin spike ) and are soon converted to adipose. The conversion to adipose occurs because they appear to the body to be surplus. I been eating only low glycemic carbs like oatmeal, bran and brown rice. I think my blood sugar was crazy low, especially since after I drank my post-workout protein shake which is 50% maltodextrin I felt fine. I think I am going to eat 2 ounces of pasta every day after work in an effort to keep my blood sugar regulated.

I am also down to my lowest fighting weight yet: 181. I have lost 9 pounds since Thanksgiving, but my love handles are still present, they are stubborn bastards.