The song reminds me of the movie "Sabrina" (1954) with Bogart, Holden, and Audrey Hepburn. There is a love triangle of sorts in that movie, and each character has a song which represents their view of love.

William Holden's character, the playboy, is associated with the song "Isn't it (love) romantic?" while he seduces various girls on the dancefloor and private tennis court.

Hepburn sings "La vie en rose" ('Looking at the world through rose-colored glasses') to Linus, and she writes of it previously in her letter to her father. It is symbolic of a deeper, romantic love.

Lastly, Humphrey Bogart's record is played with the tune "Yes, We Have No Bananas". The song is obviously not a love song at all, reflecting Linus's mockery and deceitfulness, as it is played against a romantic setting of the two sailing together in a small boat.

The movie has a few contrasting themes, such as the aforementioned songs used in the movie, which add a level of sophistication to the storyline.

For myself, the song evokes an image of Sabrina washing the car after her boatride with Linus, singing the end of the song, "Yes, we have no bananas today".