b. 1931
Colonel David Hackworth (US Army, retired) is the most decorated soldier in army history -- having been awarded over 100 military decorations, including two Distinguished Service Crosses, nine Silver Stars, two Legion of Merit Medals, eight Bronze Star Medals for valor, eight Purple Hearts and 46 Air Medals. He has also been awarded the United Nations Medal for Peace.

Hackworth joined the US Merchant Marine at age 14. He joined the army in 1946 at age 15. In Korea, Hackworth was the Army's youngest captain. In 1971, when he broke ranks and spoke out against the Vietnam War, he was the Army's youngest Colonel.

Hackworth's views on Vietnam were based on the three tours he spent there. In an appearance on Issues and Answers in 1971 he told of his disillusion with senior military leadership; that we were losing the war; and that the Viet Cong would control the country within four years. He was correct, but it was the end of his military career.

Hackworth made his name during the Korean War as a soldier's soldier. As a young officer there he formed an elite unit that was a precursor of the US Army Ranger's long range reconnaisance patrols (LRRP).

Hackworth has written several books. About Face, written with Julie Sherman and published in 1989, has sold over one million copies. He is also a syndicated columnist and is a regular panelist on television regarding military matters.

Books by David Hackworth

About Face
Vietnam Primer
Brave Men
Hazardous Duty
The Price of Honor