What is The Progressive and Accumulative Spiritual Intelligence ?

Many people throughout history as well as myself have received evidence of a spiritual existence. Can we prove it? No.

The spiritual existence is in a spiritual dimension which can not be accessed or proven by the physical, therefore there is evidence of it.

Humanity would have to accept a completely logical deity called God , Allah , etc. Social norms during the time period of the lives of prophets from the past dictated their and their society's acceptance of a God with king-like qualities. A powerful God was needed , one similar to the Gods of the pagans who demanded sacrifice, obedience and worship. 

Today democratic rule is desirable. Dominance is frowned upon and being rebelled against. The minds of messengers influence the interpretations according to their social time period. Past messengers did not lie because this was the way in which they interpreted God to be; their inspirations from the Spirit of God were what they believed the message was the one that needed to be relayed to the people. One must accept a God to be Supreme Purity , a God of either, might, royalty, peace, or government.

Inspiration can be a divine influence upon the spirit and subject to the mind’s interpretation. Schizophrenia is a psychotic disorder characterized by a loss of contact with reality; hearing non-existent voices. Delusional disorders are the holdings of false beliefs; illusions. If the existence of spirituality is a reality, then we must deduce that an interaction between the spiritual and physical realm can only be perceived by the spirit. We will specify the existence of a spirit below. If one is convinced of the existence of spirituality then one must ask which events are believable. A deity who came out of nowhere caused catastrophes, punishes people and who created the universe out of nothing as if by magic or a so-called deity comprised of a spiritual unity of souls or spirits; the Ultimate Purity consisting of Pure Intelligence , Pure Logic, the Supreme Spirit that guides the development of the universe.

Many of our experiences here are as an example of spiritual life. A child until about the age of about 2 is receptive to and believes all that he/she hears, observes, and is told. This is the most influential period and will greatly shape the remainder of his life; all information is stored within the subconscious. 

After age 2 independence is exercised and rebellion is the next step. Many teenagers begin to doubt their parents judgment and usually a young adult in his twenties moves away from home. Some will no longer keep in touch with or communicate with the parent. The spirit or soul will also at interval periods sever the lines of communication and at times communication with the Spirit of God will cease entirely. 

Every person is born with a spirit. A child’s spirit is a part of the mother's spirit which is passed down to the fetus and is then separated from its host at birth. It remains partially spiritually connected to the past host until it is capable of receiving its own data by the development of the child's reasoning capabilities at about 18 months from its birth. At that time the spirit separates from the mother and the child develops it's own spirit. 

The spirit can not exist without a host. If the host or a mother with reasoning capabilities is not available during that time, the child's spirit bonds temporarily with the spirit of its physical provider. At about age 1 1/2 the spirit separates from the mother and the child develops it's own spirit. 

The conscience relays information to the spirit. Consciousness arises when contact has been made with a base; (sense or emotion) this is when spirit initiates its first recording. The spirit is the database of the senses and emotions.

There are several levels of consciousness: 

A. On a scale of 1 to 10 rating, with consciousness being level 1 where the spirit accumulates data and triggers emotions. 
B. The upper level of sub consciousness is at level 2; involuntary subconscious reactions are sometimes manifested. 
C. The dream level at 3; a series of thoughts and visions are introduced.
Level 4 is deep sleep. 
D. Hibernation or very deep sleep is at level 5. 
E. At level 6 unconsciousness sets in. 
F. Spiritual data is stored between levels 6 and 9. 
G. At 10 the subconscious is at a point of physical imminent death. 
The deserving spirit that has established lines of communications with the Spirit of God is transmitted to the spiritual realm, filtered and cleansed of all negative emotions; then it bonds with the Supreme Spirit .

When a personality disorder affects the data input process, data is filtered. Brain injury does not supersede the soul, at that point data input simply ceases. If one seems to have severely impaired reasoning capabilities it does not necessarily mean that reasoning capabilities are not, or never were present. Sometimes reasoning capabilities can not be displayed or communicated to another. 

Being with spirit, unless one is completely emotionless, a spirit is present. One may say that emotions are psychological, (of the psyche) structuralism, psychobiological, but they are nevertheless of the spirit; which also subscribes to a form of natural selection

The mind is unable to consciously communicate with the spirit. The conscience is the only communicator with the spirit or soul. The conscience relays information to the spirit unless the conscience is anesthetized by immoral acts or evil deeds. 

The spirit or soul exists in the collective mental processes of the subconscious. The subconscious part of the mind and is also where the mental processes of creativity originate. The conscience adds to and stores life experiences with the spirit/soul. If the conscience is anesthetized by other than righteous conduct the existence of the spirit gradually fades and is eventually extinguished. 

A deserving (clean) spirit consists of ethics, morality, good deeds, kindness, consideration for and helping others; being righteous insures the survival of the soul. When the body dies, any soul that is not transmitted, and has not bonded with God, dies; it simply ceases to exist. 

The conscience is guided by its capacity to disseminate between pure and improper acceptable social norms. A determination is made by the conscience to abide by either the pure and proper, or to stretch the norm. 

Deeds contrary to purity eventually anesthetizes the conscience and lines of communication with the spirit and God are severed. Evil is not adaptable to, or compatible with Pure Intelligence. 

The cultural norm deduces acceptable proper behavior. If one lives thereby, the conscience is clear and no deity in the spiritual realm will judge or condemn anyone. 

How do you touch and feel without emotion or sense; which is spirit; without having it recorded by your subconscious where the spirit resides? The spirit is spirit and not a religious force and is neither heaven sent, nor heaven inspired, though some people via deep meditation can have their spirit interact with God’s spirit. Sentience is the ability to sense, capability of feeling, consciousness. 

The spirit is in the subconscious and often controls what one writes and thinks. The soul and spirit are often considered identical, though the soul has also been referred to as the vessel for the spirit. 

The only physical effect that we can derive from the Spirit of God is by way of us receiving inspirations and blessings. In order to accomplish this, lines of communication through righteous living, need to be established between our spirit and the Spirit of God during our lifetime in order for our soul to survive after our physical demise. Any soul or spirit, upon a person's physical death, that does not bond or is not transmitted by us and received by the Supreme Spirit ceases to exist. 

We exist physically and with the spirit on the present plane with negative and positive. Righteous living and meditation filter and cleanse the negative of the spirit. The soul is the encompassing vessel that carries the spirit to its destination upon the physical demise. The soul is also the data storage area in the subconscious and is not subject to emotions; it can however trigger physical reflexes and responses. When the spirit leaves its host (physical demise) it has to be received by and interlace with the spirit host or it ceases its existence; upon the bonding with the spirit host, the spirit continues eternally.

The spirit, when the mind is in mental stasis, can at times connect with the Supreme Spirit, as evidenced by messengers. (Abraham, Moses, Jesus, etc.) The mind's ability to interpret this connection and messages is often deficient, hence we have the creation of various religions. 

Sync, harmony, and a coexistence of souls, are a part of God. Preferred total isolation, rebellious behavior and a desire for pain, are mental imbalances and instabilities. The soul has to be stable in order to achieve perpetuity. 

A person afflicted by bodily sufferings can at times be closer to God than one who is in daily turmoil and obsessed with acquiring and hoarding wealth for himself, rather than sharing and making life bearable for the needy. Our main purpose in life is to expand our knowledge and to strive for a peaceful coexistence with an inspirational guidance from God.


Spirituality in the 21st Century
By Kurt Kawohl

I have personally experienced my spirit leaving my body and being united with the Ultimate Supreme Spirit (God?). In 1956, when I was fifteen years old, I had pneumonia and thought I was dying. My father took me to a doctor who gave me a penicillin injection and recommended immediate hospitalization. We had no medical insurance or money, so my father took me home to recuperate. I remember the drive home vividly. Every breath was painful and my chest felt as though a great weight was upon it. I watched cars and trucks drive by, and wondered how people could make long term plans when life was so unpredictable.

Several nights later, it felt as if my spirit left my body and it experienced being in a place with a gathering of souls or spirits. I sensed great peace, tranquility and ecstasy] -- a rapture that was beyond a person's imagination. I felt as if I was a part of ALL, a part of God. I was mentally communicating and in sync with everyone, including not only some of my deceased acquaintances and relatives, but many of the prophets of the bible, and historical people I had read about. There was no dominant force, no forceful leader. I somehow knew who everyone was. Every thought interacted with the whole community. I had no questions; it seemed as if everything was revealed and crystal clear. I saw the universe stretched out with spirits engaged in mental interaction like master craftsmen contemplating the creation of a new frontier. 

When I told my father who was a preacher of the Lutheran Faith about my experience he dismissed it abruptly and told me that this Supreme Spirit , this God that my spirit had witnessed, was not the God of the bible and he told me to pray for my salvation . We never talked about it afterwards. 

Since that time I never really gave it much thought until the New York World Trade Center tragedy on 9-11-01. I went into deep meditation. I wanted to find an answer to why and how some misguided individuals could believe that their actions would be rewarded with their soul's eternal life with God. I then had a couple of experiences similar to the one I had at age fifteen of my spirit communicating with the "ultimate spirit." (God, Allah or whatever one desires to call him/her/it) 

One spiritual experience seemed to last throughout the entire night. My spirit observed the entire history and the evolution of the universe and our varying perceptions of God, as if in a fast-forward film. 

The messenger is of no significance. It is the message that needs to be taken into account and judged for its merits. The experiences I encountered after the 9-11 tragedy helped me come to this conclusion: In this 21st Century, the Age of Technology , we are still plagued by religious beliefs that are a contributing cause toward terrorism, killings and wars between nations. Belief in a deity, who keeps causing catastrophes, punishes people, and created the universe out of nothingness as if by magic was brought about by hysteria and superstitions. This thought process needs to be reassessed and brought up to date. Open-minded people must use common sense to determine whether this so-called deity was incorrectly perceived, misinterpreted and misunderstood by the masses of a bygone era.

Some will say that my personal experience of oneness with a supreme spirit is nothing but a dream or a vivid imagination. It doesn’t matter whether you accept or totally reject my story. What does matter is that we evolve to a point whereby we can encourage open-minded people to offer feedback on how our religious beliefs can be brought into the 21st century.

Transcendentalism - A New Revelation.