1. A light unarmed scouting and liaison airplane used especially for helping to direct field-artillery fire.

2. Salvador Dali had a horror of grasshoppers (i.e., one of the orthopterous insects of the suborder Saltatoria that is characterized by an inchoate metamorphosis and a habit of engaging in migratory flights).

4. Movie: Beginning of the End (1957)
Starring Peter Graves, Peggy Castle, Morris Ankrum
Giant grasshoppers ravage their way through the backwoods of Illinois. Graves and his team of scientists try to stop them before they destroy Chicago. They figure out a plan for luring them into Lake Michigan, but if it fails, an A-bomb will be used to flatten the city. 35 mm.

4. from O'Reilly's DNS and BIND book:
Grasshoppers are found all over the globe. Of over 5000 species, 100 different grasshopper species are found in North America. Grasshoppers are greenish-brown, and range in length from a half inch to four inches with wingspans of up to six inches. Their bodies are divided into three section: the head, the thorax, and abdomen, with three pairs of legs and two pairs of wings.

Male grasshoppers use their hind legs and forewings to produce a "chirping" sound. Their hind legs have a ridge of small pegs that are rubbed across a hardened vein in the forewing, causing an audible vibration much like a bow being drawn across a string.

Grasshoppers are major crop pests, particularly when the collect in swarms. A single grasshopper can consume 30mg of food a day. In collection of 50 or more grasshoppers per square yard - a density often reached during grasshopper outbreaks - grasshoppers consume as much as a cow would per acre. In addition to consuming foliage, grasshoppers damage plants by attacking them at vulnerable points and causing the stems to break off.