SuperDawg is, in essence, the world's best hot dog stand. It is wonderful both for cuisine and camp value. Located on Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago, it is topped by an anthropomorphic, Tarzan-esque hot dog, and its girlfriend. The boxes the dogs are served in have a message from SuperDawg himself, thanking you "from the bottom of my pure-beef heart."

The food is great - thick malts, excellent french fries, and good tamales. However, the centerpiece of the menu is the SuperDawg - an all-beef hot dog with mustard, relish, onions, a dill pickle and a "pickalilly," a pickled tomato. Your mileage may vary on the pickalilly, but it's next to impossible for a carnivore to dislike the rest of the SuperDawg. (thanks to for verifying the toppings on the SuperDawg)