Age is one thing in life I don't understand. Yes, it is measured in years, months, etc. But what else? I've always thought it's not how long you have lived, but what you've lived. But I didn't think like a young person; some of the things I said to my parents made them worry, so they sent me to a counselor. I asked what the point of living was if everyone died in the end anyway. They told me to go outside and play. I wanted to know where I was going in life, what purpose I was supposed to serve, would I be a bad person for not believing in God? Was there really a god, or several of them? Which one was I supposed to believe in, if any? Why did I have to go to church to worship? I was reading college-level books by the time I was in third grade, and by the time my fourteenth birthday rolled around, depression had already sank deep into my "young" brain. Age is not something that can be told in years; experience, one's capacity for understanding, curiosity and the discipline it takes to learn what needs to be known -- that is age.