Had a huge French test today, mostly over "le subjontif," with some French education history trivia most of us were unprepared for. Somehow I managed to be the first one done and get out of there early. Easy A.

Subjunctive verbs can kiss my ass.

I got my A.P. Psych test back today - 98%. This only proves that the less one studies, the more one learns.

Seh-aso-c-bo-hatt can go to hell.

Just got off the phone with Aaron. I miss that boy. It's only been one day. Why does love gotta make you so miserable more often than not? Guess those occasional good times make it worth while. I only wish there were more of them. I don't deserve to be unhappy because some wacky emotion has me doing backflips through burning hoops.

Fuck love.

My dog got a new chew toy from somewhere. I asked no questions. He hasn't gotten sick yet, so I'm sure it's safe. I belive the thing's made out of rubber, but I can't work up the courage to actually touch it.

Damn dog slobber.