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i...well, keep forgetting to log in.

As of now i'm a fourth fifth(*sob*) year aerospace engineering student, and every time I see a Pixar movie I have a sneaking suspicion I'm in the wrong major. graduated, finally! still looking for a job though. or grad school. i think i want to play with satellites and other spacey stuff.

i like money.
also: glass, ink, elemental metal, pens, dogs, knives, hand tools, physics, mathematics, Bach, Rachmaninoff, Prokofiev, piano, books, really good design, sarcasm, minimalism, digital photography, boxes, cities, train rides, cheap wine with friends, setting off fireworks, messing with computers, drawing, coding, traveling, smart boys, geeking out, studying food, getting the mail, vintage things, futurist things, making things, learning things, wasting time productively

See why I love this place so much?

My birthday is the stuff of bad jokes. On my 21st, there was no joyous I'm-finally-legal barhopping, because the bars were all closed.

i'd snowboard if the weather and terrain here ever permitted, and that's not going to happen until the next ice age. surfing hurricanes just isn't the same.

what i want most right now is a paying job to get into grad school. somewhere. help?