I met Donny Osmond in October 2003 at "eBusiness for Everyone." Donny was the keynote speaker at the Marriott School's eBusiness Day. Osmond's address focused primarily on how he uses technology to record and edit his productions.

Osmond is quite petite. He is maybe 5'6" or 5'7" and very slim. Some interesting facts about Osmond that came out during his address:

He has done some recording in a bathroom with his laptop because "the acoustics were right."

When he lived in college dorms the management let him use his penchant for electronics to create a hide-a-bed that zipped up to his ceiling during the day to expose his study desk and zipped back down at night.

He is infamous for eating his words. He offended Rosie O'Donnell in 1998. Osmond appeared on her show and she offered to be his stunt double in a concert bit where he is lowered onstage by a helicopter. He answered "I don't know if the helicopter can take the load." Even when he patched things up by singing "Puppy Love," he made some more fat jokes.

For the record, I got an autographed mouse pad and donny pen gift set.